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Helloooooo World!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. My bad. I just haven’t been out much. But if you’ve ready my blogs, then you know I LOVE to shop at antique stores. Normally I just window shop since I can’t afford their “high prices”, but I recently visited an antique shop close to my new apartment that had affordable prices. Jaws Drop! It was such a surprise and it is now my new favorite antique shop to collect vintage pieces and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

If you love shopping for antiques but can’t afford them like me , then I’m more than happy to tell you all about my new favorite store: ECLECTICA. Eclectica, located in North Hollywood is an Antiques-Vintage-collectibles store consisting of furniture, clothing, accessories, books and kitchenette needs for a low-cost. Mike runs the store Monday-Saturday 11-7 ish, and he’s a really nice guy. He’s very knowledgable with his fashion, plus he’s great at customer service, helping out with whatever you need. His store is a bit cramped because he has so many collectibles, but he plans on moving to a bigger location to show off more of the stores collectibles. So it’s a little claustrophobic, but it’s not as overwhelming as most antique stores.


I noticed the store on my way to run an errand. What caught my attention was this yellow Acapulco chair: a 70s inspired outdoor chair first used for sitting by the pool and now used for sitting indoors. I’m very fascinated with anything 70s, so when I saw this furniture I knew I had to come back to visit.


This is the Acapulco chair that caught my attention. It’s the featured image I hoped would catch anyone’s attention. When I came to visit the store, I noticed there wasn’t a price tag on it. My first thought was “This is going to be expensive, maybe $500 at the very least, so why bother, but I’ll ask anyways.” That’s when I met Mike and he told me the price of this chair that left me flabbergasted. The price of this 70s Acapulco chair cost $175. $175? A vintage Acapulco chair, which is always overpriced is actually in my price range for a fair price? It’s a dream come true and that’s not even the best part. The best part is that he can order more in different colors: Orange, Green, Blue and the legs can come in different colors as well like Silver or possibly gold.

Sad to say, I didn’t buy the chair, or at least not yet, but I couldn’t help but take a long look inside and see if I could find anything in my budget to buy. And boy did I ever.


These Items caught my eye so I purchased them from the store. My total cost was $80. To me, that’s an impossible price for these items from an antique shop.

First Item: the handbag $20. I believe this handbag is from the mid sixties. The fabric is like a woven rope-like material, but has this metallic foil piece on the back. It’s torn in some places, but is still in pretty good condition. The metallic backing feels like foil, which is why I call it a foil piece. As you can see there’s a lot of space in the inside. Since I’ve been using this handbag, everyone has been complimenting my bag.

Second item: The cart-wheel hat $30. I’ve seen this hat countless times in Audrey Hepburn films, other classic films and vogue magazines back in the day. I love this hat and it’s perfect for the summer. I don’t think I’ll ever find the exact styled hat for this price, so I’m happy about my choice as you can see my face in this picture above. This hat became popular during World War I. It’s usual material consists of straw or felt. It’s broad-brimmed low crown hat is worn at an angle to resemble “cartwheels” at an angle. It’s style has changed over the years. This is a late 40s cart-wheel hat because the detail of the hat shows that it has a slimmer silhouette plus a decoration of a long ribbon bow tied around the crown.


Third item: Nancy Drew series $25. A couple of months ago I went to a Goodwill store in Culver City and found a collection of Nancy Drew books. It was 10 books in a case still in good use. I read most of Nancy Drew books in middle school and fell in love with mystery books. It was Nostalgic, and I bought the collection for $2.99 each plus tax, making my total $27. I read all the books and I hoped to find more, and it was just my luck to find books #13-18. Unfortunately, they didn’t have books #11 and #12, but I’m hoping with my luck I’ll find them, plus more. Also in the store, I found the first edition of Nancy Drew’s book #27, but I chose to leave it behind and get it next time I visit. At Barnes and Nobles, these books are priced, individually, for $8.99, so to purchase 6 Nancy Drew books for $25 I know I made a great investment. Below is a picture of the first set of Nancy Drew books bought from Goodwill.FullSizeRender

So far these are the lovely items I purchased from Eclectica. I had such a great time visiting the store. Mike really is a great employee to converse with about the antiques if you have time. I can’t wait to come by again and bring my mother. I hope you enjoyed my feature of the Antique store, learned some fun facts about the items, and I hope you stop by and check it out for yourselves. You just might find a collectible to add to your home.



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