Retro record stand

70s Retro Record / Night Stand

Holding on to old furniture with no clue how to transform it? Then check out my Latest DIY project for styling a 70s retro record / night stand.

There’s a little background story to this record / night stand that makes it quite special to me. This record / night stand, which is much older than me, used to belong to my best friend’s (Jacquie) grandmother. I remember when I was a child, I would ride with Jacquie to her grandmother’s house in Covina, and I would see this record stand, sitting in her room on the side of her huge pink bed used as a night stand. Every time I visited, I grew to like that night stand more and more.

I’ve known Jacquie for about 20+ years, so her family is my family. Unfortunately, last year in November, her grandmother, Viola, passed away. Months after her passing, Jacquie’s mother, Tammy, was giving away her mothers things. She knew I really wanted the record stand, so she gave it to me as a gift as well as other treasures that are now living in my apartment. I feel that as long as I have those treasures with me, grandmother Viola will always be close to me.

I’ve had the record stand since last year, and it’s taken me this long to finally stylize it. I’ve gotta give thanks to 70s style for inspiring this look. I had envisioned a retro style for this record stand, but I couldn’t figure out what color I wanted, or how to stay true to the style I wanted.

I looked to Pinterest, first, for research on retro record stands and I found so many styles.   When I think of retro, I usually think of the color red, but I saw so many record stands that were a simple brown color, which gave it a more classic look I believe I was looking for. Then I came to my mother for advice on which color to paint. A chocolate-brown was a pretty good choice, and she also suggested adding mirrors on the stand. I couldn’t really  picture it in my mind, but I knew it would be a great idea since my mother had also done a project of her own involving a buffet table and mirrors.

So what I pictured for this record / night stand was a chocolate-brown color, with four mirrors  (two on each door running diagonally) and knobs that would be the finishing touch to the look of a retro record / night stand.

So here’s what the old record stand looks like. Fun fact: I believe Jacquie’s uncle had built this stand. If not her uncle, it was someone in her family that built it from scratch. That makes me love and appreciate this record stand even more. As you can see when you slide the doors open, there are shelves inside. I thought that if I were to make this a TV stand, I could stock my DVDs inside. Or if I made it my night stand, I could place books inside, or records inside to make it a record stand.

I made sure to Sand my furniture first before painting it. I borrowed the power sander from my mother, who bought it from Home Depot. After you sand it, then it’s time to paint it.

On my way to buy paint from Home Depot, I found this shop called “Burbank Paint Co.” and decided to head there instead. It’s a nice little shop that had everything I needed and more. Very nice and helpful employees. I would recommend going there if you live close to Burbank. This purchase only cost me $29.13. It was the chocolate-brown I was looking for and I chose a semigloss finish. Now that I have my paint, the next thing to do is paint my record stand.

Before my birthday dinner with my parents, I decided to bring my record stand to their place and paint in their garage. Here’s what it looks like:


I changed the knobs before painting and chose burnt orange knobs because I knew it would give the record stand that pop of color. I purchased the knobs from my favorite store, Hobby Lobby for $5.99 ea. 

All that was needed were the mirrors. I waited till I came home to finish the project since I didn’t have glue. The mirrors also came from Hobby Lobby, only $2.47 five in a pack; and the glue and tape from Home Depot, only $7.65

Before the gluing process, first I checked where I’d place the mirrors and see if I liked it. I was told by an employee, from Home Depot, to try using tape and then glue on so the mirrors would sit in place. So I just taped the middle section on the back of the mirror since I felt the middle section always ends up loose somehow, and added glue all around it. I placed the mirrors on top of the second line and made sure they were both parallel to each other. Then using force I pressed and held it in the correct spot for a while and then removed my hand.

Now here’s the finished project:

I’m in love. I love my new 70s Retro Record / Night stand. It really evokes the 70s style, which is exactly what I wanted.


Now it sits in a perfect spot next to my closet at the moment until I move. And if you look close enough, you can see another project sitting on top of it: my shadow box theme.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my latest creation on the 70s retro record / night stand. I hope it helped inspired you to start your own DIY project. Everyone has a creative side to them. And without these special people in my life, I would have never been able to transform this stand into what I have today. Therefore, I’d like to dedicate this piece to Grandma Viola….You’ll always be with me.


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