patched jackets

P A T C H E S!

If you’re a PATCH FREAK like me, then you’ll love what inspired me to create my own personalized patched jackets. I’m a 90s baby, and growing up around the come-up of patches has made me obsessed with them. Patch Denim jackets have always been very popular and they’re making a huge comeback.

Many of my favorite stores, like Forever 21 and H&M, have clothes covered in patches like jackets, jeans and tops. I love the patched jackets. Unfortunately, for me, I feel they are overpriced and most of the patches don’t quite match my style. So I became inspired with the idea of adding my own patches to express more of my personality.

I took two of my favorite jackets, bought from Forever 21, and created my own style. The Mock Neck Utility jacket (Also called a Military Jacket), priced at $18.99, was the first jacket I bought and turned it into this.


I’m a movie fanatic, which inspired this look for my military jacket. The right side is dedicated to Star Wars, of course, while the left side is mostly dedicated to anything strange and unusual, like my favorite show Stranger Things. I mean what’s more strange than a psychotic woman (Cruella DeVil) on the verge of killing puppets to make thee best looking coat, or 4 amazing men/women who make a job of catching ghosts (Ghostbusters). It’s perfect, plus these patches all have red as their signature color.

Below is the list of my patches and where I bought them:

  • C3P0- Sidecca (Located at Burbank Mall)
  • R2D2- Sidecca
  • The Fighter spacecraft Sidecca
  • The Chief- a gift from a friend
  • Cruella DeVil-Sidecca
  • Stranger Things- Hot Topic
  • Ghost Busters- Iguana Vintage Clothing

The Next Jacket, the J’adore Rock n Roll Denim Jacket, priced at $23.99 honestly, wasn’t my first choice. Although I do like rock n roll, I’m not in LOVE with rock n roll. I bought it last-minute, since the jacket I already had I decided to gift to my nephew for Christmas.



This jacket has patches on both the front and back, mostly to cover rock n roll with patches. These patches symbolize kind of who I am. I would definitely say I’m a Bad Ass and also very Genuine. FUN FACT: the skate represents most of my life. I’ve been an artistic roller skater since I was 8 and I would compete in competitions from age 8-18.


Below is the list of patches and where I’ve bought them:

  • Pins (fist bump and crossed fingers)- Buffalo Exchange
  • Bad Ass- Gift from a friend
  • Girl gang- Sidecar
  • Over it heart-Sidecca
  • Flower- Gift from a friend
  • Kiss Muah- Sidecca
  • Maleficent- Sidecca
  • Black Panther- Sidecca
  • Dinosaur- Buffalo Exchange
  • Genuine- Sidecca
  • Roller Skate- Lundeen’s (Located in Burbank)

If you’ve never been to the store Sidecca, it’s a great store filled with Apparel and Accessories more on the Vintage-Retro side, which is more of my style. It’s a bit pricey, but cheaper than most Vintage clothing stores. They also have a great sale selection that I always go straight towards. And their patches are priced around $6 or less. You can’t beat that.

And if you’ve never been to Lundeen’s, I would recommend going there if you’re interested in a shop filled with an eclectic selection of goodies and knickknacks like gifts, stationery, baby clothes and books.

So now you’ve seen a bit of my own personalized style in both of my jackets. This look was created to inspire others to create their own personalized look through patches. Why pay $50 or more for a personalized jacket that doesn’t suit your personality when you can create your own? Just purchase jackets from a local Goodwill store or check out sale items at your favorite stores and add your own patches for a more affordable and personable look.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my personable style. For any questions or comments, please comment down below.


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