DIY Christmas gifts

Last Minute Christmas gifts

Pushed back Christmas shopping a little too late and have no idea what to get for your loved ones? Not to worry because I have a secret: I did too. But I have a great solution to the problem: Make Christmas gifts this year. They’re practical and from the heart. What’s not to love about that, right? I’ll show you the cute gifts I made in hopes to inspire anyone to be more creative with any types of gifts whether Christmas, birthday, or special occasions.

I usually shop ahead of time or just after the holidays when things mellow out. Each year just gets too scary and annoying to go out to find a Christmas gift. This year I found it a bit difficult to find gifts for my friends and family. I think it was difficult because for the first time I wanted to find practical gifts for people; like gifts we need or gifts that we’re actually going to use. Sometimes practical gifts are hard to find, which is why most times we buy things we want rather than need since it’s easier.

Since I’ve been blogging about DIY projects, I thought it would be better to make gifts for my close friends and family. That way they see this gift is from the heart. But what the hell could I make that’s practical; a gift that people will use? My mother is a very creative woman and this Christmas, she decorated glasses and gifted them to her close friends and family. Thanks to her, I’m going to use her idea to make decorative glasses as well.

Below are the items I gifted: From plain glasses to decorative glasses, and a picnic basket from the goodwill, which had a couple of items that I gave a little Pizzazz.

First thing I started on was the glasses. I bought six of them from the dollar store. Only $1 each. I used these items:

The Peacock ribbon has a story behind it. Around Christmas time, I went to San Jose to visit family, and the gifts they gave me were wrapped in this Peacock ribbon. As much as I wanted to keep it for myself, I thought it would be better to gift it to other loved ones. So thank you Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Oscar for the Peacock ribbon.

For wrapping the ribbon, I didn’t use any exact measurements, I just wrapped the ribbon around the glass and cut it diagonally. Surprisingly, I had enough ribbon for all the glasses, but I just wanted to decorate four glasses exactly the same and use the other two for different decoration.

With my trusty glue gun, I only glued the ends to the glass, but if you want, you can glue the entire ribbon on to the glass.

As you can see in the middle picture, once glued there’s an opening. Don’t worry that it’s not perfectly glued shut together since we’ll be adding a decorative piece to make it pop.

Next, the ORNAMENTS!


Before gluing the gold ornaments in place, first place them the way you want them to appear on the glass. You can add as many decorative pieces as you want, I just decided to do three.

Here’s a close up of how they were glued together. I didn’t like that you can see the glue, so I decided to throw gold glitter on top of the glue just to make it look much better.

Simple and easy right? Now moving on to the next decoration.


I found the ribbon and ornaments (a set of 3) at Big!Lots for a cheap price. Since it was after Christmas, I only paid $5 for both.

I know the ribbon is a bit torn, but it was actually one big bow. I pulled apart the bow and did the exact same thing with the first ribbon. I just wrapped the silver ribbon around the glass and cut longer pieces to make a bow. This time I used my glue gun and glued the back of the ribbon to the glass as well as the sides. With the two long end pieces, I stuck both through the little windows of the ornament, and tied a knot so it wouldn’t move. Then I folded the end pieces back to make a little bow like this.

The second glass below looks a little different because I wanted to try a different approach.

There you have it. Simple glasses turned into a decorative glass, and you can even put a little candle inside if you want.

After I finished making the glasses, I moved to the next gift: THE PICNIC BASKET.

Picnic Baskets are great for going on dates, for adventures, or anything. A close friend of mine goes on a lot of adventures with her fiance, so I thought this gift would be beneficial for them. My mother found the picnic basket at the goodwill in Orange County. She found a couple baskets and gave me one for Christmas. Inside the basket had the following: two wine glasses, plastic plates, mugs and utencils. I hate how plastic the mugs and utencils looked, so I went to Home Goods to find something much better to replace them.

Home Goods is such a great place to shop. I can get lost inside and their clearance section is always on point. I always have to know what I’m looking for or just prepare myself for Home Goods or else I’ll be inside for hours with items I don’t even need. With that being said,  I knew exactly what I needed: plates, napkins, utencils and mugs.

I checked out the clearance section and found these cute pair of black and white mugs for only $2 each. Nothing else I needed was in the clearance section, so I looked for napkins. I found the perfect pair that says, “When I said, ‘I DO’, I didn’t mean the dishes.” I picked them for my friends because they always have a pile of dishes they never want to do, so sometimes they have to compromise with other chores. Therefore, these napkins have their names written all over them.

I couldn’t find any small plates, so I decided to wait in line to pay for my items. In line, I found these cute little bowls wrapped in ribbon. It’s like they spoke to me. I had to have them. For four of the bowls, I only paid $7.99. All that was missing was utencils, but where could I find some for cheap? The Dollar Tree. I found a pack of these cute silver utencils. I opened the packet and for each group of utencils: Forks, Knives, and Spoons, I tied them in a cute bow from the silver ribbon I bought from Big!Lots.

I’m actually glad I decided to make Christmas gifts at the last minute. It definitely opened my creative mind. I love the gifts I made and I know my loved ones will too. I hope that by reading this, it helped others to be more creative and inspires others to make gifts either this year or the next. A gift from the heart will always be cherished and never forgotten.


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