Goodwills great finds

Good Finds!

Attention Everyone! Please check out your local Goodwill stores .If you are looking for pieces to accent your home with a budget price, Goodwill is your store. I have found countless items like furniture, tea pots, and clothing from my local goodwill and I can’t wait to share them with all of you.

For those that don’t know, Goodwill is a Donation Center where you can drop off unwanted items including: furniture, clothes, accessories, etc. and get a tax receipt in return. And for the month of October, they’ve done exceptionally well with Halloween costumes and accessories at a decent affordable price. Goodwill is also a place to buy whatever items that were donated.

Most of my friends and co-workers ask where to buy cheap furniture like coffee tables and nightstands, and I always refer them to the goodwill store because people are always donating one of a kind items that are either in good condition or may need a little fix up. The prices are outstanding and if it needs a little fixer upper, then what better way than to commit to your first DIY project. Afterwards, you can brag about your accented piece to friends lol.

Here’s a picture of the items I bought from the goodwill so far…


These items include:

  • A Roaster Oven- $12.99
  • Decanters- $1.99-$3.99
  • A Storage rack- $7.99
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s lunch box- $2.99
  • A Vintage Silver metal Coffee Tea set- (cups $2.99 each)
  • Sex and the City series and Movie- $2.99-5.99each
  • Black Coffee table- $17

I purchased all these items in good condition for a valuable price and I’ll give you a closer look at the items and why I purchased them.


I’ll start with the Roaster Oven. I mean who doesn’t need one of these bad boys. You can throw anything in this roaster oven like meat, vegetables,anything and you can let it cook on its own and leave the house to do other shopping if need be. I’ve been needing one of these for the longest time. Now that Fall/Winter is approaching, I can finally cook some Stew. I purchased this brand new Roaster Oven, for only $12.99, with my Mother and Aunt Marie at the Goodwill located in Orange County. My mother finds all the greatest items at the Orange County location.


Second Item I purchased from the Goodwill, located at the Orange County location, is this Storage rack. Usually storage racks are priced from $12.99 and up, but I bought this handy rack for $7.99, beat that. This storage rack is a perfect use for your bathroom, room or kitchen. I plan on using it for my bathroom that way when I move to a bigger apartment and have guest over, everything they need will be placed right in the storage rack, like toilet paper. I mean don’t you just hate it when you run out of toilet paper and have no clue where it’s stored? Well, now you’ll know since it’ll be placed in this wonderful storage rack. And if you don’t like the color, well that’s no problem because you can easily spray paint the rack. Fun little DIY project, right!



My third item I purchased at my goodwill, located in La Crescenta, are Decanters priced from $1.99-$3.99. Right now at my place, I have a bar cart and I’m trying to put together some old Decanters to give off this Art Deco, Masculine style, which is the style I’m feeling at the moment. I love decanters and you can use them for drinks as well as perfume bottles or soap dispensers. They have a very old vintage look to them and I’m all about that life! My plan is to make my home look a little bit like a clean Antique store/home, instead of a clutter. As I’ve said before I love window shopping inside Vintage boutiques and Antique stores, but sometimes they’re filled with so much clutter, I’m actually afraid I’ll break something.


Next purchase is my Breakfast at Tiffany’s lunch box priced at $2.99. My mother bought me this lunch box. On her lunch break, she went to the goodwill, found this and called me immediately and asked if I wanted it, and of course I said ‘Yes.’ My mother bought this right around the time my best friend, Jacquie, had her upcoming Breakfast at Tiffany’s bridal shower. I used it in the bridal shower and everyone loved it. Now I use it as my lunch pale and take it to work, but you can also use it for decoration as well.


My Silver metal coffee tea set was the next purchase, which has a special story connected to the set. I recently went to Arizona to visit my dad, Victor, who was throwing a surprise party for his girlfriend. While he was cooking for the party, I noticed his tea set, which included the tea pot, the plate and one tea cup for milk. He told me had it for years, but hardly uses it and because I fell in love with it, he decided to give to me as a gift. It was already in great condition, but the original tea cup for the milk had a broken handle. While shopping for items for the party, I was determined to find a set for my tea pot. I searched for his local Goodwill and inside I found the exact tea pot $6.99, the plate $4.99, and the tea cups for sugar and milk $2.99 each. Talk about a steal because this Silver metal Coffee Tea set is usually priced for $90 and up. Vintage Antique/Boutique stores and even eBay have them listed for the same price. I already drink tea and coffee since I work at a cafe studio, but now I have a reason to stock up like crazy on tea and coffee to use it, not just for myself, but for my guests as well.


If you’re a lover of the Sex and the City series, then you’ll understand why these were purchased. Sex and the City usually airs on the E! channel from 8am-12pm I think. I’ve always loved the show due to its talk of fashion, the beautiful City of New York, and the relationships too. I’ve been wanting to buy the whole series, but I often forgot to or I couldn’t afford it at the time. Stores from Target, eBay, Amazon Prime and others are priced from $70 and up for the whole series. I only bought all seasons, located in La Crescenta, with the exception of the 2nd season, and the first unedited movie for $2.99-$5.99. All DVDs were in mint condition. I would advise anyone purchasing DVDs, CDs, or Vinyl records, to check before you buy. Remember it’s a donation center, therefore some of their items may be misplaced, scratched, or broken. Unfortunately, the second season was missing its DVDs, which is why I didn’t purchase it. If you look at the bright side, its just one season left to purchase and I can deal with that, could you?


Last, but certainly not the least, is my black coffee table, located from my goodwill store in La Crescenta. This is a beautiful, yet sturdy coffee table I bought for only $17. I swear I’m not lying. Usually coffee tables are priced from $500 to $1,000 or more depending on style and quality, but this baby was perfect. It’s simply chic and if I ever get tired of the color, I can always paint it, but why would I want to change such a classic color that goes well with everything!!

Well there you have it. These are the items I have purchased from the goodwill at a decent price. They are all classic items, you may not find anywhere for a low cost. Next time, I’ll share a couple clothes I’ve purchased from the goodwill, mostly jackets and coats. So if you’re ever looking for furniture, or other accent pieces for your home, you should check out your local Goodwill first, I mean it couldn’t hurt to check right!


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