First blog post

I have finally become a blogger. Never thought that would happen. I’ve decided to become a blogger because the world told me so. I love making DIY projects because it shows my creative side and it also gives me peace of mind. Any one who has seen my projects have always told me to either make a youtube video, blog about your projects or sell them on Etsy. Finally, I have chosen to listen to what everyone has said and became a blogger.

I’m in love with Vintage/Period pieces whether its clothing, accessories, or home accents. My love for vintage/period pieces begin in the roaring 20s style (flapper and art deco style), to the 40s pin up style, late 60s Mod style, 70s hippie style and of course my year of the 90s. I enjoy window shopping at Vintage Antiques and Boutiques. I mean that’s history way before my time staring me in the face saying “Hello, Is it me you’re looking for” and I can’t help but bask in its beauty. Since the vintage style is mostly expensive, I try to re-create these pieces through DIY projects. I believe my love for vintage started when I first saw an old photo of my mother when she was in her 20s. Her style was so classic and funky cool and it still is to this day, and I wanted to create that style for myself. Looking at that photo was like time traveling to the past. That’s exactly how I feel when I own any vintage object; I get a little nostalgic.

I’m an actress, therefore, I can say my inspiration comes from my favorite movies. I can truly appreciate the aesthetic detail for the costumes the actor wears. It’s true that a costume or any piece of clothing can change your appearance and turn you into a whole new person. I graduated college in 2012 at California State University of San Bernardino (CSUSB) with a theatre Arts Degree, and in my Junior year of college, I took a costume construction class. In that class, I was taught how to sew, hand stitch and create nothing out of something. Since then I’ve been adding touch ups here and there to my clothing and my home since I live my life on a budget. I have all these ideas and I use Pinterest as my resource, just to see whose done what and how I can make it better or more of my style.

That’s what my blogs are all about. Making projects on a budget and sharing my style tips  in the hopes of inspiring anyone who wishes to open their creative side.  Never be afraid to try something new. It can open up so many new possibilities. I mean what’s the worst that can happen right? So please enjoy and don’t be afraid to try something new.


2 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. I truly love you Introduction, right to the point. I love the eye mask, and I’m looking forward to viewing your DIY projects and other information you may post. Very proud of you.

    Not only Mom, but a true follower


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