DIY Bridesmaid gifts

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Eye Mask

For those of you who love the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, you’re gonna eat your heart out!

So I recently witnessed my best friend, Jacquie, get married. It was a lovely beach wedding in San Diego and I became a Maid of Honor for the first time ever. It was exciting and stressful all at the same time because you feel the need to prove to others that you deserve such a role as the Maid of Honor. You’re put into uncomfortable situations, but it’s all a test to see if you can handle the role, be a leader and take care of business if things fall apart. As Olivia from Scandal would say, “It’s Handled.”

As the Maid of Honor, I wanted to make the bride as well as the bridesmaids a gift they’ll treasure. One of Jacquie’s favorite movies is Breakfast at Tiffany’s, so me and my fellow bridesmaid, Krystyn, wanted to style her bridal shower around that theme. I checked Pinterest for resources on gifts for the movie and I got a handful. I decided to create the eye masks that Audrey Hepburn’s character wore since it looked easy but also very stylish. I mean come on, if a hot guy knocked on your door at the crack of dawn, wouldn’t you like to be caught in your most stylish sleep wear!?

If you wish to check out my Pinterest, my name is Victoria Estrada and the eye mask pin is under my DIY of course. Now let’s dive into the creative process of Breakfast at Tiffany’s eye masks.  To create the eye masks, this is what I included:

  • Different blue fabrics -for different textures if you want. (Bought from Joann’s)
  • Eye mask template- to create mask. (Found on internet)
  • Black felt- to create winged eyeliner (Bought from Joann’s)
  • Glue gun- to keep everything in place (Bought from Joann’s)
  • Pearl beads- Used for my own creation (Bought from Michaels)
  • Gold fringe, Gold braid with tassels, and gold elastic- to create the style for the eye mask (Bought from Joann’s)
  • Ear plugs- simple enough to create the styled look (Bought from dollar tree or 99 cent store)
  • Scissors- used for cutting of course (You can use any type that gets the job done)

As you can see, I bought most of these items from Joann’s. Joann’s is like my second home. You can always use their coupons for purchases and they always have tons of fabric scraps for sale of course. I always check that section first before I buy any fabric. Also, I love shopping at Michaels or Hobby Lobby if there is one near by. They also have either coupons or a clearance section.

This is my way of creating the masks. You don’t have to do it exactly like mine. There are so many other ways of achieving this look, but I wanted to create my own style that works for me.

So the First step to creating the eye mask: Print the template and put it on top of the fabric. It’s best to pin the template pattern in place, that way when you cut the fabric, it’ll look even.

Second step: Measure and cut the gold braid and wrap it around the eye mask. Once placed around the mask, glue gun the crap out of it!img_1026


Third step: This step can be tricky because now you’re making a face. So now you have to create these shapes to match your look. I started with the eyes first. I made a simple eye shape, just by drawing the letter “n” and I cut it out of the blue fabric. Next, I traced the black felt to make a winged eyeliner. I just checked out women’s eyeliner on Pinterest, studied the look and traced it. I hot glued the winged eyeliner on the eye and added a little glitter to give it a little sumthin sumthin lol. Afterwards, I used the fringe and hot glued the fringe under the blue eye shape I just created. I must admit, gluing the fringe was a bit difficult, mostly messy, so if it takes a minute to get them just right I’m here to let you know you’re not alone. After I created the eye look, I took my hot glue gun and once again glued the crap out of it.

Once I finished the eyes, the next step to start would be the eyebrows. You can either use Fringe or pieces from the braid like I did and glue gun it in place. What do ya know, you just finished the difficult part of your mask, creating the face, and now all that’s left is attaching the gold elastic.

My easy way of measuring correctly was just wrapping the elastic around my head, and then cutting it in half. You should have two pieces of elastic. Then I take both pieces and try sticking it towards the inside back part of the eye mask on opposite sides and glue gun it. That way it won’t come apart. If that doesn’t work, don’t worry there are other ways. Another way would be to hot glue the elastic on opposite sides of the back edge and cut a tiny piece of fabric and place it on top of the elastic. Make sure it’s glued tight so it won’t come apart.

Now that you’ve just created your first eye mask, all that’s left is to create the ear plugs, which is super easy. I bought these ear plugs at a dollar store or 99 cent store. I mean they don’t need to be expensive. To attach the tassels to the ear plugs, all I did was used the loop from the tassel and wrapped it around the ear plug enough times until it was tight enough not to come off. If there isn’t a loop to wrap around, then you can just hot glue the tassel to the ear plug. To make it more of my style, I added a pearl bead and hot glued it on the end of each ear plug.

TADAH! A Breakfast at Tiffany’s eye mask has just been made. Talk about a one of kind classy gift right! Don’t be afraid to make an eye mask of your own. You can make one exactly the way I’ve made one or you can make one that accommodates your own style. If you have any questions please don’t be afraid to ask me. Now enjoy your classy eye masks and Sleep well Darlings!


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